Charity Runs are a great way to add energy and momentum to your Church while participating in the kingdom cause of "Caring for Orphans and Orphanages".  Here are a few of the specific Benefits Your Church can expect.
 The Benefits to Your Local Church are:
• It MOBILIZES Churches to support Orphans without drawing from their church budget

In our current extended season of economic challenges, Orphan Run 4 Hope Project does not use typical means of supporting mission projects. There are no offerings or pledges. Instead it uses the relational currency of co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, and local businesses to generate donations. By targeting funds outside the Church, it does not take money from a Church’s budget or Missions Budget. All contributions come from outside of the church and donations are done simply and electronically through a secure website.

• It CREATES community while empowering participants to do something significant.
Runners and non-runners alike will experience the motivational power of a cause greater than themselves that motivates them to accomplish the goal. They will see first hand how they can impact the world for Christ in a significant way. As they train for the event, participants become a team and develop authentic community as they strive toward the goal of completing the race and raising funds to provide for the specific needs of Orphans. For many of the people who have never done a race, the process is a physical journey to get in better shape as well as a spiritual journey to accomplish something that adds health to their lifestyle. The feeling of accomplishment from starting and completing the journey makes a significant impact on participants and Orphan Children. 

• It EMPOWERS Church people to do something for Christ by tapping into their relational network. 
Each person uses their God given relationships at work, with neighbors, friends & family members for the pure cause of financially helping Orphans. The money raised helps rescue and provide care for Orphan children.  Participants will have their on webpage to invite people to support them on this noble quest.

• It EXPOSES businesses and Individuals to Church, a worthy missions project & Jesus’ love.
This innovative Charity Run is a great community outreach tool to gain Church exposure in their community. As participating people from partnering Churches start asking co-workers and friends to get involved, it highlights how their Church is engaged in a worthy cause. 
Also, participation is not limited to Church members. Participants are encouraged to invite co-workers and friends to run in the event. It is a great time to develop relationships with people that do not know Jesus and help them understand His love. 

• It INCREASES volunteerism through contagious, active people.
The running participants become a part of a team that train together and discover the joy of active participation. Once a person taps into how they can make a significant impact in God’s Kingdom… they want to serve more and gather others to join.

What are  practical steps of a charity run? 
1.    Set a date for a 5 minute presentation to your Church and a 15 minute meeting following the service for people that are interested.  The 5 minute presentation and meeting would be facilitated by one of our Charity Run Staff.

2.    Each Church would need to have a "Point Person" that would serve as an encourager and organizer.  Our staff would work directly with the Point Person to provide the resources needed and help answer questions that may arise.   

3.    An event date for the Charity Run would be selected before a Churches presentation.  Most of the events are sanctioned races in your immediate area that give opportunities for participants to conquer a 5k, 1/2 marathon, or full marathon.

4.    Participants are responsible to Register and Pay for the Race Event as well as purchase a Orphans Run 4 Hope Team T-shirt to be worn the day of the race.  All other funds are raised through their relational network in the community.  

5.    A personal webpage will be established for each participant.  They will create a brief bio and share the vision for helping Orphans and Orphanages.  This webpage will also serve as the electronic donation site for people to help them reach their goal.

6.    With our Staff's assistance, the Church's Point Person will schedule training days to help people go from the "Couch to Race Day".  Participants can prepare as a team or individually.  The day of the Race, the Point Person will coordinate a location to meet, encourage, and pray before they accomplish the goal.  Pictures taken that day and from the training runs will be used to create the "Celebration Video" we will prepare for the Church.  The whole event "Creates a Win" for the local Church.   The end result is the feeling of "Our Church did something significant!"
We provide all resources, race venues and dates, training "How to Guide", personal presentations to each Church, communications and coordination with each Church's Point Person, Website and Personal Participant's Webpage for fundraising, and a Celebration Video for the Church to play after the event.

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