-    OUR UNIQUENESS- There are an increasing amount of Races and Charity Runs people can participate in.  This one is unique in many ways:
o    In this Charity Run, you help impact the lives of over 6,700 Orphan Children at 45 Orphanages in 25 Countries
o    The Need to Help Orphans and Orphanages is Huge
•    Every year 1.5 million children die from Hunger… a large percent are Orphans
•    It’s estimated that over 400,000 Children are sold across international Boarders each year… many are Orphans
•    Over 8 million Children are believed to be trapped in some form of Child Labor Slavery… again, many are Orphans
•    In many countries, Orphanages provide the best and last line of defense against these realities…. You can make a Significant Impact!

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